Entry 001

Dear Reader,

It’s 6:06 pm, Sunday, August 2, 2015

Mr. B’s dad convinced him to take his meds this afternoon.

Our second wedding anniversary is this month. This is the first episode Mr. B has had since we’ve been married. I knew I signed up for this. It’s kind of nice, actually. There’s a terror –unwarranted really — of mental illness. It’s a fear of how be it could be, how bad it could get. It’s gotten bad. Probably could have gotten worse (Praise God for His sovereignty!) With that comes relief. The fears have less to prey on me about now; now I know what bad looks like. Bad is bad, but not impossible.

What’s impossible for man is possible for God.

What’s happened to my hopes and prayers? Not sure yet. Have to look at that next time.

Entry 001

2 thoughts on “Entry 001

  1. I too have a loved one- not my husband though, with mental illness… it is scary but the days of wellness, which are more than the dark days, make it worth hanging in there. Thank God for His help in times of trouble.. Love does cover a multitude of sins (and illness) Blessings, Glenys


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