Entry 003

Dear Reader,

It’s 10:01am, Tuesday, August 4, 2015 — two days since Mr. B’s episode with bipolar.

Mental illness is very anti-climatic.

All one’s focus, energy, and ability is bent on one purpose. Sometimes for days. Convincing a loved one to take their meds again. Or getting them to the hospital. Or sometimes even finding them if they’ve run away. In the movies, once that one purpose is complete, everything gets all better.

That’s not how mental illness works.

Having that med swallowed, arriving at that hospital or finding them safe is just the turbulent beginning of the long, slow struggle back towards stability. It’s the worst is over. And things get easiest. But boy does it happen slowly!

None of that “one fell swoop” business as in the movies.

How much do I need Jesus — no words can describe.

Entry 003

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