Entry 004

Dear Reader,

Until the more worldly cares catch up to me, thoughts from an eternal perspective give me a lot of comfort.

Sometimes I wonder if God gets more glory from not coming to the rescue. Sometimes He sits back, though I pray and pray, and lets Satan win out. Or so it seems. After Satan’s damage is done, God steps in. He puts back together the pieces. He makes relationships stronger, creates opportunities for His gospel, spreads love and life in the aftermath. He turns Satan’s work on it’s head, instead of stopping it from happening.

That’s what Jesus being nailed to the cross was all about.

Sometimes I wonder if God’s up there saying to Satan, “Haha! Is that the best you can do? I’m still bigger. Just watch this!”

I hope I can hang to this peace, though I see the damage and yet am waiting for God’s redemption.

Entry 004

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