Entry 010

Dear Reader,

Here be dragons.

Old medieval maps used to have dragons, monsters, and sea serpents drawn over uncharted regions. They marked the places nobody had gone before.

I like to think that way of bipolar. Here be dragons!

I’ve know others with bipolar besides my wonderful Mr. B. Each struggled with different symptoms, different traits, a different angle of the same illness. Even within bipolar diagnosis, no two are the same. Life with bipolar is new territory. Some may have gone over similar territory — doctors, counselors, therapists, psychologists. Advice from these are useful, no doubt. Yet they do not live this bipolar life with us. We are charting the uncharted.

None have gone where we are going, except One. Psalm 139:7-12. He it is that has plotted our course. He it is who is our Guide. He it is who governs all things. I’m so thankful He walks here with us!

Life with bipolar is a grand adventure.

Entry 010

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